The band is Marshall’s brain scan: It’s a smallish, way modern big band, often radical or funky or hard-grooving or just plain Mingus-melodic, sometimes all that simultaneously. Marshall plays beautiful saxophone, too.
— Brick Wahl, LA Weekly

reimagining folk music of the world 

I have a particular fascination with folkloric music because the more I learn, the more I am mystified.  It's fair to say that Roosystem is my most ambitious musical endeavor to date, but it is also the longest-lasting and the hardest to pin down.

The number of influences and people that have passed through this group is vast enough that putting them in a simple list would be a disservice.  Suffice it to say that that playing the music of older generations with new souls is invigorating and meaningful.  We have found a way to sew together commonalities in music from far-reaching corners of the globe and present it in a fresh way that people of all ages and tastes really seem to enjoy.

Rootsystem has recorded one full length disc, received an ASCAP award for the composition Lila Rasa, hosted several residencies at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles, performed in the Lima Jazz festival in Peru, and collaborated with many visual artists - one of which lead to a mini documentary (see the Ngene videos below).

This project will never disband or retire.  It will continue to subdue and resurface,  change and evolve at its own pace, just like the timeless music we draw inspiration from.